I cannot Update the App

If you can't find [HappyRanch] in the [Google Play].

You can directly download APK file(Android Install File) fowlloing link:

(HappyRanch 1.15.3 APK)



If you are having troubles with updating the game, it might be cache issues of [Google Play service], or [Google Play] app.
Please follow below steps:
1. Please re-start your device. (Turn off completely and turn on).
2. Check [Google Play service] and [Google Play] at [Application Manager].
3. Select each application to clear cache.
- Select [Google Play service]
- Select [Storage]
- Tap [Clear Cache]
(if there is no [Google Play service] application, clear cache of [Google Play] only.)
4. Go to Google Play store and search "Happy Ranch" to update the game.

If these steps didn't help you, please contact to customer service. Sorry for your inconvenience.

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